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Welcome!  Our Fellowship cherishes the inherent worth and dignity of all people, and welcomes everyone without regard to age, gender, race, sexual orientation or disability.  We gather to grow spiritually, seek truth and meaning, experience fellowship, serve the wider community, and strive to build a peaceful, just and compassionate society.

. . . We believe that spiritual life is personal.  Rather than teach a particular creed or dogma, we provide a loving, safe and supportive environment for you to discover and pursue your own path.  If you are looking for a church where you can find community, explore your spirituality and promote peace and justice in the world … come visit us!

We invite you to explore this site and attend a Sunday service.  We provide supervised care for preschoolers and classes for older children.  We hope you’ll stay for coffee and conversation after service.

SUUF is very proud of the musical offerings in our services and have received all new UU hymnals for the fellowship from gracious members. We feature pianists, Janelle Gray and Linda Smith, mandolinist, Bill Bradshaw and others who all inspire our hearts with their talent. We open the service with a beautiful musical piece, and offer UU hymns to sing.

Services are held at 10 AM every Sunday, at 1950 East Brundage Lane, Sheridan, Wyoming. An outline for the coming year is presented below. For weekly program listings, click on Programs.  The meditation group meets every Sunday at 7 PM at the same place. For details contact Bill Bradshaw at 672-3325 or billybobfishguy@msn.com.

The FAQ has answers to questions visitors often ask. 

Special Programs: Tibetan Buddhist Monk

Sheridan UU Fellowship Hall at 1950 E. Brundage Lane

 How UUs view:  Coordinator  Month
 UU Theology  Janelle Gray   674-8518  September
 Forgiveness/Mercy/Grace  Mary Rathbun   672-3101  October
 Religious Naturalism  Janelle Gray   674-8518  November
 Hope/Being Positive in the Face of Difficulties  Michelle LaGory   672-3325  December
 The Inherent Worth and Dignity of All  Jules Craft   752-5758  January
 The Transforming Power of Love  Janet Ashear   672-3135  February
 God  Victor Ashear   672-3135  March
 The Environment  Janet  Ashear   672-3135  April
 Role of the Faith Community Across the Life Cycle  Michelle LaGory   672-3325  May
 Reverence/Gratitude  Mary Rathbun   672-3101  June
 Reason vs Feeling  Victor Ashear   672-3135  July
 Prayer  Jules Craft   752-5758  August

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