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Fall 2017 - Summer 2018 Sheridan UU Fellowship Worship Services

Theme: Multiple Topics, One per Month

Click on the bold underlined to link to the presentation. All presentations are copyrighted by the presenter. Presentations are available on our Presentations page. Permission may be granted for use by contacting SUUF at info@sheridanuu.org

The Worship Committee Chair is Michelle LaGory.




September 2017 Prophetic Imperative Michelle LaGory
October 2017 Acceptance Mary Rathbun
November 2017 Care of the Soul Janet Ashear
December 2017 Ambiguity/Paradox Ted Lapis
January 2018 Consolation/Desolation Janet Ashear
February 2018 Balance Ramona Stine
March 2018 Circle of Life Ian Wallace
April 2018 Healing Bill Bradshaw
May 2018 Emotional Intelligene Ted Lapis
Annual Board Meeting
June 2018 Courage Mary Rathbun
July 2018 Worth & Dignity Ramona Stine
August 2018 Respect Bill Bradshaw

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